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Shwe Taung (Construction-GRCE) has gradually grown since 1991 and is now standing as one of the leading (ISO 9001:2008, Quality Management System) certified company in the construction industry. The company has accomplished more than 200 projects including landmark buildings around the country.

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Shwe Yin Mar Co., Ltd. Corporate Attorney
Yangon Region
6 Days
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Roger Quest International Dr. Of Corporate Function
Yangon (Rangoon)
28 Days
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CB BANK PLC PremiCorporate Cash Management
Yangon Region
37 Days
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CB BANK PLC Corporate Relationship Team Lead
Yangon Region
37 Days
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Capital One Management Corporate Finance Consultant
Yangon Region
37 Days
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YKKO Group of Companies Limited Corporate Development Executive
Yangon (Rangoon)
38 Days
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Sedona Hotel Yangon Sales Manager ( corporate account)
Yangon (Rangoon)
43 Days
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Myanmar Thilawa SEZ Holdings Public Limited Corporate Secretary
Yangon Region
50 Days
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Roger Quest International Corporate Planning
Yangon (Rangoon)
59 Days
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Asia Beverages Co., Ltd. Jr.Corporate HR
Yangon Region
66 Days
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