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TARM have won several awards from Royal Dutch Shell Company, namely Sales Achievement Award for Distributor and Distributor Sales Manager Recognition awards both in 2013. TARM have participated as exhibitor in most of the major summits and seminars such as 2nd Myanmar Power Summit in Sep 2013, Myanmar Civil Aviation Development Conference in Mar 2014 and MYANAUTO Show Sep 2014. TARM also hosted our own summits and seminars, supported and collaborated by Shell Technical support team.

TARM head office and central warehouse located in the city of Yangon, branch office and sub-warehouse is in Mandalay city and representative office in Naypyitaw to handle Ministries related tender purposes. We have also re appointed authorized reseller in Kalay, Sagaing Division (middle Myanmar), Larshio, Shan State (North East Myanmar), and Myeik and Dawei, Tanintharyi Division (lower Myanmar) to cover most areas. TARM now has over 100 staffs, more than 20 commercial vehicles and even open up company own servicing to provide after sales service to consumer sector. TARM have its own used oil analysis lab in the head office which can do some basic tests like Viscosity, Total Base Number, Flash point, Water contents and Blotter spot test etc.

TA Resources Myanmar Co., Ltd (TARM) is the authorized distributor of Shell lubricants, AeroShell products and Continental tyres in Myanmar. TARM was appointed as the distributor for Shell lubricants, industrial sector in Apr 2013 and followed by consumer sector in Oct 2013. Since then, TARM has been distributing nationwide as a sole distributor in Myanmar. Later then, TARM has been chosen as authorized distributor of AeroShell products in Feb 2014. In 2014 May, TARM became the authorized distributor of Continental tyres as part of expanding the network in automobile related consumer sector, and has since developed an extensive distribution network across upper and lower Myanmar. TARM follows International accounting and safety standard and boosts the best facility among all Myanmar lubricant distributors.

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