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Parami started its business in 2004 with the aim of providing high quality services to our corporate and government clients in Myanmar. We differentiate ourselves from competitors through our corporate values, innovative business model, and straight forward business approach. Parami has organically grown from engineering service provider to the Parami Energy Group of Companies (“Parami Energy”) with core businesses in Oil and Gas, Power, Construction, Banking and Insurance sectors.
In the year 2010, Parami Energy generated income of more than USD 15 million. The income exceeded more than USD 20 million in 2011. We had only 12 people in 2009. It has since increased to over 200 people in 2012. We walk extra mile to be green and responsible corporate citizen of Myanmar. Parami Energy is committed to plant 500,000 trees and to support one third of monastery education in needy areas by 2015. In addition, we provide access to clean water and power to villages and hospitals in remote area.

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