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Established in 1992, TMW Enterprise Limited is a business unit and parent company of the TMW Group of Companies, which is engaged in business through its six operating segments –
>>Professional/Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances (SONY, LG, T-Home and Hitachi)
>>Luxury Tiles and Bathroom Accessories (INAX, T-Home, Grohe and Tostem)
>>Multi-brand Electronics and IT Retail Chain Stores (Wai Yan Electronics, Apple Authorized Reseller for iPhone & iPad)
>>Real Estate (Mya Yamon Water-front Villa)
>>Music/Movie Production & Distribution (Excellent Creation)
>>Hotel & Resorts (Sunny Paradise, Dream Paradise and Ocean Paradise Hotels @ Ngwe Saung Beach)

Established in 1992, TMW Enterprise Limited is one of the leading companies in Myanmar, which is engaged in business through - Professional/Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances (SONY, LG, T-Home, Hitachi) - Luxury Tiles, Bathroom Accessories and Aluminum sashes (INAX, Tostem, Grohe, Somany, T-Home) - Multi-brand Electronics and IT Retail Chain Stores (Wai Yan Electronics) - Real Estate (MyaYamon Water-front Villa) - usic/Movie Production & Distribution (Excellent Creation) - Hotel & Resorts (Sunny Paradise, Dream Paradise and Ocean Paradise Hotels @ NgweSaung Beach) - Mobile Phone Distribution Now, as we are taking a new step in New Year by becoming Myanmar’s First Apple Authorized Service Provider for i phone, we are seeking highly motivated, energetic and result oriented applicants for following vacant posts to work together and grow together.

Wai Yan Elctronics (Apple Authorized Reseller) Chain Stores

SONY, LG, Hitachi and T-Home (Professional, Consumer Electronic and Home Appliances products)

INAX, GROHE, Tostem, T-Home and SOMANY Luxury Tiles, Bathroom Accessories, Sash and Doors

Hotel and Resort (Sunny Paradise, Dream Paradise, Ocean Paradise) @ Ngwe Saung Beach

Real Estate (Mya Yamon Water-front Villa)

Music/Video Production & Distribution ( Excellent Creation & Mahar Myaing 3D Cinema)

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