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Peace Myanmar Electric Co., Ltd, founded in 1994, started importing and distributing of HVAC products and their spares manufactured by Mitsubishi Electric. We are entrusted as an authorized agent to distribute the Mitsubishi Electric Products.

In 1995, to rapidly increase the ability to help our customers, we have built a reputable service center on Strand Road at Ahlone Township. We can say for certain that this center offers a service of excellence, and also builds on the skills of technical personnel accustomed to developing ad hoc solutions to meet the specific needs of each individual customer. Later, the electrical products, especially for Factory Automation, Low Voltage and High Voltage Power Transmission and Distribution, have been marketed in 2000.

For the purpose of meeting our customers' different needs, our very first branch was established in Mandalay, the most famous historical cultural city of Myanmar, in 2003. We took a great pride of building this reliable branch as Pme could present everything the customers need. In order to keep in touch and build deeper relationship with our valuable customers, we set the next branch up in Naypyitaw, the current capital of Myanmar, in 2005. As a result, we could gain a competitive edge in the market for our products we represented. Because of our endeavour, we take a great pride in the fact that we could contribute to the creation of more comfortable environment to promote the safety and convenience of people by utilizing the very latest technology.

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