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To build and leverage IT competency, in order to improve IT services and relevant businesses.
To become the most capable and reliable IT company for employees, clients and stakeholders.

Blue Stone currently employees 20+ employees including the management team, and more recruitments are on the way for developers and IT experts, as our business areas continue to expand deeper into areas such as Mobile, CRM, ERP and Web Application Development.

Blue Stone’s organization is structured with three 3 departments (Administration, Sales & Marketing, Fulfillment), where Blue Stone’s key competency lies within our Fulfillment Department that has core expertise in Solution Consulting(ERP and CRM) , Application (Java , Home Page) Development and Mobile Application Development.

Blue Stone Solution Co., Ltd. is a SW development and IT service company which is jointly established by Korean and Thai Companies.
Blue Stone Solution provides SW solutions and IT service to Korea, Japan and Thailand as well as Myanmar.

- Development of Authentic Value
- Delivery of Client Value
- Trust From Customer and Partner.

Blue Stone will strive to become a company that pursues and achieves authentic value through continuous development in our IT competency, and with such value, Blue Stone will serve our clients with competitive solutions and services, while concurrently accomplishing our commitments to our clients until their satisfactions are met.

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