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Company: ABC Telecom Co., Ltd.
Company description:

ABC Telecomm will endeavor to be the leading provider of engineering services and integrated power supply systems for the telecommunications industry and other related fields.
To give the total solution for all phase of projects in power generation, security system, construction, renovation and telecommunication.

To innovate newer ideas to change the game, the processes, the engineering.

Surpassing Customer Expectations and the Market itself with highly qualified, motivated staff, creators of added value and unique solutions for our clients.


Committed to serving customers and providing the total solutions to meet their needs, ABC Telecomm Co.Ltd (ABCT) is a nationally recognized telecommunication and publicly traded engineering, procurement, construction, management (EPCM) company in Myanmar. We lead the clients through our exceptional services and technical knowledge across every phase of projects in security systems, power generation, communication network, construction and renovation. ABCT is also one of the fasted growing technology organizations in Myanmar working with government and multinational companies to design, build, and maintain many of the today’s most complex and challenging engineering and communication projects.

ABC Telecomm’s primary objective is to develop, execute, and maintain the customers’ projects on schedule, within budget, and with operational excellence. The individual and collective expertise of ABC Telecomm’s engineers provides cost-effective and intelligent solutions in a timely manner. Outstanding dependability, expertise, and safety distinguish ABCT as the preeminent partner in the Myanmar engineering services marketplace.

Job description
• လုိအပ္ပါက ေန႔/ည မေရႊးတာ၀န္ထမ္းေဆာင္နုိ္င္သူျဖစ္ရမည္။
• နယ္ခရီးသြားလာနုိင္ျပီး ေရရွည္လုပ္ကုိင္နုိင္သူျဖစ္ရမည္။
Desired Skills and Expertise
• AGTI, B Tech, BE ျဖင့္ဘဲြ႔ရရွိထားသူမ်ားေလွ်ာက္ထားနုိင္ပါသည္။
• Tower Installation/ Maintenance ပုိင္းတြင္ အေတြ႔အၾကံဳအနည္းဆုံး (၃)ႏွစ္အထက္ရွိသူျဖစ္ရမည္။
• Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet & E-mail ကၽြမ္းက်င္စြာအသုံးျပဳနုိ္င္ရမည္။

Language skills
We offer
• Male (15)posts
• Salary is Negotiable.
Work location
အခန္း ၁၀၀၅၊ ပန္းလွိဳင္တာ၀ါ၊ ေအာက္ၾကည့္ျမင္တိုင္လမ္းနွင့္ ပန္းလိွဳင္လမ္းေထာင့္၊ ၾကည့္ျမင္တိုင္ျမိဳ႕နယ္။
State/District: Yangon (Rangoon)
More information
Job Category: IT & Telecoms jobs
Company Industry: Assistant Engineer
Employment Type: Other
Full time: YES
Job posted: 13/10/2018
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