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Company: ASA Microfinance (Myanmar) Limited
Company description:


“ASA Microfinance (Myanmar) Limited” is a subsidiary of ASA International. We have received our Registration, Incorporation Certificate & MMSE License from the Myanmar Government & have started our operation since 1st September, 2014. Our plan is to invest here 20 million USD, open 54 branches, recruit 427 local staff and serve around 65,000 poor people in Myanmar by 2018. UNCDF has already granted 02 million USD in our operation under Micro-lead Expansion Project.

Job description
GMC/Entity Level:
• GMC/Entity Level receives appeal from employees with highest secrecy.
• GMC/Entity Level opens a register book/file to keep record of every received appeal.
• GMC/Entity Level sends a monthly short report (last week of each month) to GMC/Group Level mentioning number and nature of issues.
• After getting all appeals of a month, they (2 member of GMC/Entity level) sit together and review appeals covering factual, complementing to rule and regulation (country level law/ASAI Manual), prepare report with their examination and send it to GMC/Group Level for further instruction. Entity level committees are not allowed to reject any appeal.
• For some appeals/complaints, GMC/Group level may ask necessary relevant documents (original appeal copy with necessary evidence) from GMC/Entity Level. So GMC/Entity level should make sure, they are always ready to send those documents through email/scan as soon as possible.
• If needed GMC/Group level may ask GMC/Entity level to investigate some appeal/complaint through their involvement in enquiry process.
• GMC have to play a very active, confidential role with a deep observation to find out the
real fact and figures.
• After investigating, GMC sends finding reports to GMC/Group Level/holding Level with their opinion and valuable comments.
• Country chief should cooperate wholeheartedly when requested by GMC/Group level.

GMC/Group Level:
• GMC opens a register book/file for each country separately to keep record of every documents/email/reports send by GMC/entity level.
• GMC also opens a separate file for direct application (sensitive case) which could be received by email directly.
• After getting appeal reports from all GMC/Entity level (Last week of each month), team members of GMC/Group level sits together and prepare further instructions for GMC/Entity level about every single appeal or direct complaint. Some cases GMC/Group level may need to talk with GMC/appellant/complainant/witness through phone, skype. Even they may have to go to relevant countries for investigate physically if situation demands.
• After getting investigating/finding results, following organizational rules, regulation and policy, GMC analyzes every appeal/complaint, prepares a final report with recommendation and submit it to Chairman, ASAI.
• GMC/Group level informs GMC/Entity level about the final result, which have been approved by the Chairman, ASAI and also forwards it to entity head for taking further action.
Language skills
English (Advanced) and English and Myanmar
Work location
State/District: Yangon (Rangoon)
Offered salary
100 - 200 $ per month
More information
Job Category: Financial Management Jobs
Company Industry: Grievance Mitigation Committee Leader
Employment Type: Contract
Job posted: 6/11/2019
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