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Company: Rent 2 Own Co., Ltd.
Company description:

Rent 2 Own launched in January 2016. We are fast growing organization which already have 70 employees. Our head office in downtown Yangon. Our head office guarantees that the backbone of our services- the IT infrastructure and administrative systems - is strong and that the process of contracting new clients runs smoothly. Our professional staff works hard to give clients and vendors

Rent 2 Own Co., Ltd.

We are equipment re platform for rural and urban SMEs in Myanmar. Our main focus is helping entrepreneurs, often farmers, to buy the motorcycle they need to grow their business.

Job description
The auditor is responsible for carrying out audit assignments according to the standards operating procedures of Internal Audit, conforming with the Company’s policies, and procedures, and reports specific findings. The auditor also identifies where there is scope to improve operational processes, and reports these to management. Finally the auditor plays a key role in creating a culture of compliance within the organization.
2. Scope of Work
The Internal Auditor performs audits with regard to all staff members, organizational units, processes, documents, internal and external transactions & relations of the organization.

S/he reviews that the management and staff of the organization adheres and complies to the regulations, laws and guidelines of the country and the organization and that adequate controls had been implemented and followed to monitor the processes and documentations of the organization.

Where necessary the Internal Auditor will advice that guidelines need to be changed or added to improve processes and documentations.
3. Fields of Responsibility
The Internal Auditor executes audits in the following fields, with a particular but not limited focus to the detailed subjects stated;
Financial Audit, in particular

• control of cash and bank balances, incl. to review that such controls are regularly performed within HQ and branches • review the reliability and adequacy of cash and bank processes within the Company and in cooperation with clients, banks and other parties • review the adherence to cash and bank limits set by the Company • that accounting principles are adhered to • accounting and supporting documents are complete and correct and • timely accounting processing is assured
Operational Audit, in particular

• that all R2O processes are performed in line with internal guidelines • all clients are match with the criteria that stated in internal guidelines • all clients’ documents are completely stored with all supporting material and all signatures needed and • obligatory information had been collected, where possible from external parties
Anti-Money Laundering, Client Protection Audit, in particular

• money and property obtained by illegal • money and property supported to illegal business and organization and • clients’ information kept as confidential
Audit through Client Visits, in particular that clients • have been sufficiently informed about their rights & obligations under the related agreements • do hold copies of their agreement and payment receipts • all clients are match with stated in underwriting criteria and • to inquire, if the clients did experience any irregularities or faced other problems
HR Audit, in particular

• review correct and complete staff profiles, with all supporting documents • full recording of staff leaves records, incl. sick leave, leave without pay etc. • correct execution of salary payments with all supporting documents and calculations and • existence of staff appraisal and staff development plans
Staff Safety and Security Audit, in particular

• first Aid equipment • regular first aid and security training and • availability of security contacts
Compliance Audit, in particular

• review that the Company safely records and timely reviews all relevant documents and
Job Description Internal Auditor Responsible person: Internal Audit Manager

• control that suitable records exist to update and renew any such documents in time • compliance with the laws and regulations of the country
Data Backup and Management, in particular • all data are regular updated • stored in safe locations and • passwords kept confidential
Technical & other Audit Fields, in particular

• buildings adhere to safety requirements, evacuation plans exist, safety instructions are well visible, escape entrance exist and are accessible • equipment maintenance and functioning (generators, power stabilizers, money counters, alarm systems, safes etc.) • vehicles and motor-cycles are in good condition and regularly maintenance • Important documents like clients’ contracts and owner book etc. are protected and sufficiently fireproofed and • duplicate keys are safely kept
Fraud Investigations, in particular

• assist to detect irregular activities • collect evidences to prove fraudulent activities • identify the originator and possible other people involved in fraudulent actions and • initiate immediate actions to prevent further fraudulent actions and prevent further damages
Desired Skills and Expertise
Observation Summary, Advice & Reporting

• discuss findings during audits with staff involved and advice for corrections & improvements • discuss all findings with the Internal Audit manager • develop recommendations for bringing operations into compliance with goals and objectives • identify internal control weaknesses • ensure existing procedures are effective, efficient and in compliance with the laws and regulations of the country and • write reports documenting findings and recommendations

• assure full confidentiality of Company, staff and client data • support to avoid and protect the Company, its staff and clients from fraud and other damages • be involved and support staff trainings and • perform other duties as may be requested by the Internal Audit manager
6. Reporting
The Internal Auditor is reporting to the Internal Audit manager.
Language skills
We offer
• Male / Female
• Salary is Negotiable
Work location
Merchant Road, Pabedan Town, Yangon
State/District: Yangon (Rangoon)
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Job Category: Audit & Taxation Jobs
Company Industry: Financial Services
Employment Type: Other
Full time: YES
Job posted: 13/8/2019
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