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Company: Colgate-Palmolive (Myanmar) Limited.
Company description:

In Myanmar, we focus on Oral Care and Personal Care and have been selling brands such as Colgate and Palmolive for 15 years. In 2014, we added Laser Toothpaste to our portfolio of great brands.

Colgate-Palmolive Company is a $17.3 billion global company serving people for more than 200 years with consumer products that make lives healthier and more enjoyable. We are among the world’s most trusted and recognized brands, serving hundreds of millions of consumers across over 220 countries.

Colgate-Palmolive’s strong culture of collaboration, inclusion and excellence is rooted in our core values of:
Caring: The Company cares about people, as well as being committed to protecting the global environment, enhancing the communities where Colgate people live and work, and to be compliant with government laws and regulations.
Global Teamwork: All Colgate people are part of a global team, committed to working together across countries and throughout the world.
Continuous Improvement: Colgate is committed to getting better every day in all it does, as individuals and as teams.

Job description
• Support implementation of Colgate Global Quality Standards and Guidelines & the International Norm related to Cosmetic GMPs with particular focus on some area.
• Provide annual Quality targets and goals to all individuals from the Micro Lab team (Individual Objectives)
• Lead the Microbiological Control Quality Standard QS 023 implementation in the plant including compliance of Micro Lab and guidance on new or modified equipment layout & design in accordance to corporate guidelines.
 Develop and implement an on-site microbiology program for sampling and testing program for water, raw materials, work-in-process (WIP), environmental samples & finished products at the facility including optimization of Cleaning and Sanitization procedures.
 Ensure all testing is performed according to corporate methods (QMICs) and policy and adheres to good microbiological practices.
 Understand and use basic laboratory safety equipment and instructions, precautions in handling and disposing of biological materials, in accordance with local environmental regulations.
 Ensure that the reporting of data and maintenance of records is documented. Also, that the interpretation of the data is correct and that the results are effectively communicated to appropriate individuals, including management.
 Devise and execute a program of routine problem resolution and continuous improvement.
 In partnership with operations & engineering, review all plans for implementation of new equipment or change. Develop and implement plant floor micro control program based on C&S Guidelines, Control Point Monitoring, Micro Susceptibility Index, Micro Performance Index and Process Validation.
 Develop and update a micro defense strategy plan.
• Ensure efficacy & reliability of the micro decision process including Positive Release.
• Use rapid microbiological testing methods (Celsis) whenever appropriate.
• Coach and train facility personnel and laboratory staff on microbiological issues, risk avoidance, hygiene and good housekeeping practices International Norm related to Cosmetic GMPs.
 Train & develop the laboratory staff using the principles of Coaching & Feedback as well as the training supports provided by the Corporation such Goal Oriented Learning Units.
 Develop & implement microbiology training, GMP training for plant floor management and operators.
 Provide to each Micro Lab staff Quality individual objectives
• Support supplier certification process to improve micro control in our in-coming raw material.
• Conduct and report microbiological verification/validation of water systems, cleaning and sanitization procedures and other quality-related operating standards.
• Lead with the Plant Operation Manager the Site C&S Steering Committee and review progress on gap-assessment periodically.
• Function as part of the Plant’s Quality Teams: Capabilities team, Operation Steering Committees.
• Interface with Global Quality/Microbiology teams to provide input on programs, procedures and methods, and receive guidance & support on implementation of programs.
• Participate in internal audits and external audits (contract manufacturers & labs, suppliers, etc.). Function as part of the Plant GMP & Quality Team.
• Manage lab spending (Operating supplies & CEB) and drive operation effectiveness
• Responsible for assigned Quality Standard as an owner

1. Manage and monitor routine quality compliance as per work procedures, standard, policy in Micro Lab
2. Manage and monitor daily micro team activities as per defined QMICs.
3. Trouble shooting in micro lab operation.


1. Ultimate responsible for Micro Lab operation and Plant Micro control and quality compliance with the support of line manage
Desired Skills and Expertise
• EDUCATION: Graduate in science (Microbiology). Preferable with Master of Microbiology.
• MINIMUM EXPERIENCE : 3-5 years in Micro Lab management or related field
• SKILL/KNOWLEDGE : Microbiological related experience, Lab equipment management, Validation and Process Control, Calibration, Quality function related experience, Understanding on GMP,QA-QC knowledge, Safety at work, Effective supervision skill, English communication and Computer skill
Functional : Micro lab related and Quality System, Computer, English Communication
Leadership/management : Supervision Skill and Leadership, Effective communication, Team work and collaboration
Language skills
We offer
• Male/Female
• Salary is negotiable
Work location
Sule Square Office Tower.No. 221, 18th Floor, Room (08/09), Sule Pagoda Road, Pabedan Township, Yangon
State/District: Yangon (Rangoon)
More information
Job Category: Engineering & Technical jobs
Company Industry: Plant Microbiologist
Employment Type: Other
Full time: YES
Job posted: 17/11/2019
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