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Company: CDG Myanmar
Company description:

ယေန႔ေခတ္တြင္ နည္းပညာမ်ားသည္ တစ္ေန႔ထက္တစ္ေန႔ ေျပာင္းလဲျမန္ဆန္ကာ အရိွန္အဟုန္ျဖင့္ တိုးတက္လ်က္ ရိွပါသည္။ ထိုကဲ့သို႔ ေျပာင္းလဲလာေသာ နည္းပညာကို အသံုးခ်ကာ လူႀကီးမင္းတို႔ေက်ာင္း၏ လုပ္ငန္းမ်ားပိုမိုတိုးတက္ေကာင္းမြန္ေစရန္ CDG (Myanmar) Limited မွ ေရးဆြဲထားေသာ Education Management Software ကို အသံုးျပဳျပီး ေက်ာင္း၏ စီမံခန္႔ခြဲမႈစနစ္ကို အဆင့္အတန္းျမွင့္တင္ႏိုင္ပါသည္။

We are Total IT Services Provider and software provider

CDG (Myanmar) Limited base on Thailand.
We are IT solution provider.

We are Total IT Services Provider and System Integrator.

Job description

- Study the new programing technology for improve effectiveness
- Build an example of how the program works. By design and presented to the team or supervisor to check the validity.
- Drawing the Program Flow for support the work and reference.
- Designed User Interface of the program to match the behavior of the program and User's requirement.
- Coding Program follow the Program Specification using tools and software accrding the system.
- Test program follow by Program specification with accuracy and efficiency.
- Fixed the application errors.
Desired Skills and Expertise
- Bachelor Degree
- At least 2 years experienced in programming
Language skills
English (Pre-intermediate)
We offer
Bonus system
Work location
764A, Kaytumadi street, South Okkalapa Tsp, Yangon
State/District: Yangon (Rangoon)
Offered salary
300 - 600 Ks per month
More information
Job Category: IT/Computing Jobs
Company Industry: Software Programming
Employment Type: Other
Full time: YES
Job posted: 6/11/2019
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Senior Programmer

- Study the new programing technology for improve effectiveness - Build an example of how th ...
CDG Myanmar
Yangon (Rangoon)
Date Posted: 6/11/2019