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Creating a Career objective

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What is a Career Objective?


Your career objective is a personal statement/professional goals defining the specifics you aim to achieve through work.

1. It’s personal: Can be common with others but your personal objectives should represent your goals that you are convince with.

2. It’s a commitment: Stating a goal identifies who you are and what you want to achieve. 

3. It’s action-oriented: You take control of your life and communicate to an employer what you can do in action terms.

4. It’s directional: Focus on your career to identify steps to take and information to seek

5. It’s specific: Clearly identify facts about a work situation. You may also choose to include your objective as part of your cover letter instead of on your CV.


Regardless, a clear and focused objective helps you target your job search and communicate more effectively with potential employers.


What should I include in a Career Objective?


Make a decision what to include in a career objective can be not easy. Keep in mind, the elements you choose should align with your personal situation.


1. Career Field

Career fields are general areas of work which include many different job titles that require similar kinds of work activities.

You might consider several different job titles within a career field. Identify the career field category allows you to specify a broad area you are interested in without limiting yourself to specific titles. When you identify more than one career field, for purposes of the career objective, it is better to limit yourself to one.


“To work in the retail field as shop assistance in a soft line unit.”

“To do research within the field of science.”


2. Position Title

Position title or job title is the name of a specific position. Different company may have their own reference names; most position titles are generic and generalizable to many organizations. Naming a position title on your career objective is appropriate if you know  accurately the company organization structure.


"To obtain a position of layer with a private law firm and eventually become a partner.”

“To act as a community organizer where I can use my human relations, administrative, and research skills.”


3. Organizational Category

Organizational category refers to industry you would like to work, defining the industry group.

 Identifying a category or industry group helps you specify employers/company within that group. In your objective, you share your focus and demonstrate interest in a specific industry without naming the concreate employers.


“To work within the real-estate industry  as a broker.”

“To secure a position as a blogger for a mid-size publishing firm.”


4. Functional Area

Functional area refers to the structure of an organization. Most companies are differentiated into several departments, each with own sets of responsibilities. The bigger scale of the organization, the more differentiated it usually is, that is, the more narrow the functions. Smaller companies may have several departments handling several functions. Identifying a functional area in a career objective specifies direction of your interest within organization without narrowing yourself to a specific industry group or organizational category.


“To work in the government relations function within a Fortune 500 organization.”

“To obtain a management trainee position within the quality control unit of a production department.”



5. Skills

Skills are special talents, functions, (General Skills) or tasks (Specific Skills) that you have learned.

Skills involve knowledge and physical behaviors allowing you to not be limited to a specific career field or organizational category. Most of jobs require a combination of sets of skills. Identifying your combination of skills lets the potential company know where you might fit into the organization.


5a. General skills

General skills are wider areas which encircle related specific skills. Highlight general skills in an objective point the combination of skill areas you prefer to use in your work.


“To use my human and scientist relations skills as a Nursing Supervisor.

“To work for a government agency using my communication and management skills.”


General skill areas you may want to use include:

Administrative, artistic, athletic, clerical, communications, creative, human relations, management, mathematical, mechanical, scientific, technical, etc.


5b. Specific Skills

Specific skills are specific actions or behaviors used to perform tasks. Identifying specific skills in your career objective allows you to highlight your strengths or professionalism within a general skill area.


“To use my design skills especially doing layout, graphic design, and lettering for an advertising firm.” “To work for a rehabilitation agency and use my group and individual counseling skills.”


What Skills are Commonly Used in Creating Career Objectives?

Account, act, administer, advertise, advise, analyze, appraise, arrange, assemble, assist, audit, budget, build, calculate, catalogue, chart, clarify, collect, communicate, compete, complete, compile, compose, conduct, control, coordinate, correct, counsel, create, dance, delegate, demonstrate, decide, design, determine, develop, diagnose, direct, document, draft, draw, edit, engineer, entertain, establish, evaluate, exercise, exhibit, experiment, facilitate, formulate, furnish, guide, hire, implement, improve, initiate, influence, inspect, install, instruct, interpret, interview, investigate, judge, landscape, lead, make, manage

market, meet, mobilize, model, motivate, negotiate, operate, order, organize, originate, perform, persuade

photograph, plan, play, predict, prepare, present, produce, program, promote, propose, provide, publish, purchase, qualify, raise, read, recommend, recruit, repair, report, research, schedule, select, sell, serve, solve, staff, start, supervise, synthesize, teach, test, train, translate, travel, tutor, type, verify, write

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