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5 main reasons to join online job search in Myanmar

by Vladimir Neduchal

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Myanmar market is still very traditional in many ways of handling business matters. Years of excepted status quo had a tremendeous influence on how the people and companies look at the new things, new technology and possibilities to improve their efficiency. Job market in Myanmar is not a exception. Most of the companies have no HR departments or people responsible for hiring/recruiting matters. Eventhough big companies have HR departments, many of them have no dedicated budgets for hiring new talents as they were sourcing them via their own employees family members, friends and words of mounth recommendations. The old fashion way of attracting talents still prevails, such as Job fairs, college recruiting, newspaper ads (job posts), paper CV applications etc. No wonder in a country where the technology was not vastly used and available, interenet was (unfortunately still is) very slow and the job market was not very dynamic. Anyway it is very time consuming, a lot of paper work, costly and space dependent, many people involvement needed, organizational and logistic nightmare! Even there are more arguments against, it is many times very difficult to change people's or organizations'way of thinking and doing things. It will take time but who come first first wins :-)

However, it is going to change very quickly. Internet will get much faster, more available (interenet panetration thru mobile phones will skyrocket already this year) and many more people will get their first ever mobile phone.Well, the dynamics of the market is changing and thus will the job market as well.The jobs for life are no longer a security and an option, international companies influx is behind the door, Myanmar emmigrants are coming back to their country of origin and economy is going to grow around 7,8%. These dynamics and many more dictates the need for new ways of how the companies have to approach "mass" recruitment and should look into solutions for fast, efficient and mostly time saving options of recruiting.

There are 5 main reasons for compnies to shift their attention to online solutions.

1. Optimise and automate recruitment processes

It stops repetitive endless employers paperwork

It significantly reduces time-to-hire and the percentage of unsuccessful recruitments hires

It engages responsible managers within a firm and provides them with relevant information and tools

2. Has ROI in mind, set KPIs wherever it is possible (Return On Investment and Key Leverage Points)

Saves money by instantly generating the data company needs to monitor, evaluate and adjust to their recruitment strategies.

3. Uses technology to save time and get better results

It saves companies time and money spent with unsuitable candidates

Pre-selection tool could be introduced any time and thus fulfill employers requirements and expectations

4. It builds employers’ brand

It builds awareness and improve the HR brand of any company.

One could become a desired employer

It communicates with applicants and the whole database about the jobs regularly, treating them as if they were customers

It improves the employer brand it sells to labor market through multiple communication tools e.g. BLOG, FB, weekly newsletter, automated newsletter

5. Introduce Strategic Human Resource Management

It will enhance the position of HR department within each company

It will engage it in strategic decisions

It will provide upper management with important and relevant benchmarking data (statistic data from the system)

Don't you think it is a worthwhile to give a try?

Visit or and get started NOW! If you have any issues or questions fell free to call 0973129906.

Yours Vladimir Neduchal Founder and CEO

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