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3 Tips for Writing a Thank You Note After Interview

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Want to Look Like the Best Candidate?

 3 Tips for Writing a Thank You Note That'll Do the Trick


Sending a thank you note after you made an interview is really becoming more and more important. If you underestimate it, it could cost you the job

This is not simply a formality. Your follow-up letter can be surprisingly powerful if you take the right approach. And the trick to taking that right approach is to use a marketing mindset, when you’re on the job hunt, which long story short, really means your marketing yourself.

Well, with that in mind, try applying these basic lessons to your next thank you:


1. Be Natural

What reeally is important is “authenticity.” If your thank you feels insincere (like you only wrote it so you could keep pitching yourself or like you could send the same form letter to any employer), it’ll turn the hiring manager off. Therefore, you should include something personal.

It could be following up on your conversation with some strategic ideas. Whatever you choose, add something you genuinely remember or enjoyed about your interview and your gratitude will feel more sincere.


2. Make your thank note look really good

First of all, it should be short, to show your respect the interviewers’ time. (And note: Brief doesn’t mean you shouldn’t include a proper salutation and sign-off.) Second, it should be appropriately formatted and free of distracting typos and grammatical errors. And third, it should be timely. It must be sent within 24 hours—and ideally before close of business on the day you have been interviewed. If you do it later, you can lose the game. 

3. Personalize It

Sending the exact same two-line, “Thanks for interviewing me. I look forward to hearing back!” might check the box for sending  something, but it won’t help you gain any ground.

Take the time to consider what the interviewer is looking for and what you have been excited about. Add in a line or two that speaks to his or her needs and makes the case that you’re the right fit for the position. Think: “I appreciate that the organization is going through a period of leadership transition—and I’ve worked at two other companies that went through the same thing.”

If you send two notes tothe same company, change the script a bit. They might exchange the notes.

Here is an example of how it could look like:

Dear Khun Yui,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me this morning about your new data entry manager position. I especially enjoyed hearing about your own experience at the company and how you found personal success there.

From what you’d told me about [Company] and its team-driven, high-accountability culture, I think I’d fit in well. My long history of working in collaborative environments at places like [Current Organization] and [Previous Employer] would enable me to quickly integrate my list management and automation experience to improve your campaigns. I know I’d be able to improve your open and response rates at a time when you’re trying to expand into the new tech market you mentioned.

Thanks again for your time. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!


When you compete for a position, your  thank you note is “the last word” on your interview, the you should také it as your final opportunity to sell properly yourself as the best possible candidate for them.


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