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7 Steps to effective recruitment

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Step 1 – Position definition

Prepare information about the job definition:

Organization’s structure
Skills and personal attributes needed to perform the role effectively.

This analysis can form the basis of a job description and person specification.


Step 2 - Prepare a job and personal profile

Defining the job and personal profile is necessary and desirable criteria for selection.

Set of competencies identified as necessary for the performance of the job should include:

Skills, knowledge and experience
Qualifications and education
Personal qualities relevant to the job


Step 3 – Finding candidates

Internal search:

Staff referrals
Succession planning
Job sharing

!!! It is important not to forget the internal talent pool when recruiting. Providing opportunities for development and career progression is an important factor for employee retention and motivation

External search:

Online recruitment (With Internet development Online recruitment will become the major tool for Low to Mid Management)
Press advertising
Networking (Social media)
Job fairs

Advertising remains the most common tools of attracting and recruiting. Advertisements should be clear and indicate the:

Requirements of the job
Desirable criteria for job applicants
Description of the organization’s activities
Reward package (optionally)
Contact details


Step 4 - Managing the application process

In principle there are two main formats of application received: the curriculum vitae (CV) or application form. It is possible that these could be submitted either on paper or electronically and the

use of e-applications (Internet, intranet and email).

Online recruitment bring time saving, easy management of the recruitment process and what is the  most important possibility to select suitable candidates based on predefined  criteria directly  in Online job portal database like

Application forms

Application forms allow for information to be presented in a consistent format, and therefore make it easier to collect information from job applicants in a systematic way and assess objectively the candidate’s suitability for the job


The advantage of CVs is that they give candidates the opportunity to sell themselves in their own way

and don’t have the restrictions of fitting information into boxes as often happens on an application form. However, CVs make it possible for candidates to include lots of additional, irrelevant material which may make them harder to assess consistently.

Online CV

Online CV is combination of hardcopy CV and Application forms. The format of the CV is predefined, CV in most cases is created by Online CV builder however give a space for personal expression.


Step 5 – Candidates selection

Most common are shortlisting and assessing applicants for further steps needed.


The process of shortlisting involves stream down the total number of applications received to an effectively workable shortlist of candidates who you wish to take further to the more detailed assessment phase of the selection process.

Before creating the shortlisting it is an important to define clearly the scoring system for proper evaluation the candidates based on Step 1 and Step 2


Different methods might vary based on level of seniority and complexity of the Job position.

Most common method includes:

General interview
Competency based interview
Role play


Step 6 - Making the proposal

Before making an offer of employment, employers have responsibility for checking all legal and social regulation as working permit, due diligence of provided documents as certifications, education, previous companies references etc.


Job offers should always be made in writing form


A recruitment policy should state clearly how references will be used, when in the recruitment process they will be taken up and what kind of references will be necessary (for example, from former employers). These rules should be applied consistently.

Medical examinations

It is reasonable to require completion of a health questionnaire where good health is relevant to the job. Any particular physical or medical requirement should be made clear in the job advertisement or other recruitment literature.


Step 7 – Introductions

An introduction is a critical part of the recruitment process, for both employer and new employee. An introduction plan should include:

Orientation (physical) - describing where the facilities are
Orientation (organizational) - showing how the employee fits into the team and how their role fits with the organization’s strategy and goals
Health and safety information
Explanation of terms and conditions
Details of the organization’s history, its products and services, its culture and values A clear outline of the job/role requirements

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