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Frequently asked questions

Step 1: Click on the Activate Jobs Offers button on the top left column of the page in your account. This leads to your jobs page

Step 2: Click on Display Active poostings button bellow  Developed Ads

Step 3: Click on the desired action in the drop-down. You can Stop, Run (reactivating), Archive or  Delete any of the active postings


Note That Marking jobs as filled and deactivating jobs can be done on many jobs at a time. Also, marking jobs as unfilled and activating jobs (reactivating jobs that have been deactivated) can also be done on many jobs at a time.

There is no need to do a follow up after applying for a job on Your application goes directly to the company or employer recruiting. If you’re shortlisted they will get in touch with you soon without our involvement or any other delay.

There is only regular membership.

Yes! We can

It has to have three sections:

1.A simple explanation of how you come to be applying for the vacancy
2.An ackowledgement that you´re looking for a new position
3.Your availability for interview

Visit and click on the ‘Sign In’ link and click on ´Forgot my password´on the bottom

Login into your JobsInYangon  account and click on ‘My Account’ when you are logged in.

To view your orders, take the following steps:

Step 1: Click on  My account botton  on the top right of any page in your account

Step 2  Click on  Orders of Service button in the left column that appears

Step 3: Click on Orders archive

To log out of your account, take the following steps:

Step 1: click on  Sign out  button on the top right of the any page in your account


 JobsInYangons CV database is accessible once you have a JobsInYangon Employer account and buy minimum credit for accessing CV database (go to New order in your profile)

To become a user on, you should click on this link:

To do any of these you should buy (order) a credit with

Call +95973129906 or write to You can make an order at Orders of Services buttonon the left column  under New Order left column button.

Without credit you can not even browse the Cvs.

Once you have a credit ,click on the Search CV button on the left column or on Information table


You can also download the CVs of many applicants at a time. To do this, take the following steps;


Step 1: You can select from all Cvs or you can set up a special filter to narrow the choice to the specifics you would like to find. Such action should be carried out on by ticking the check boxes on the Set the search criteria  form on the top of the page.  Filtering your search results helps to narrow down your search so you can find exactly who you are looking for. 

Step 2: Browse as many as Cvs you like.You only pay (It comes from your credit) when you like the candidate´s CV and click Display Contact Information button (then confirm with YES and Update the page. Then all available contacts incl. Name of the applicants appears on your display and you can print the whole CV.

Note: All opened and displayed Cvs are stored in your account under Purchased CVs button

To change your password, take the following steps:


Step 1: Click on  My account button  on the top right of any page in your account

Step 2: Click on Settings in the left column that appears

Step 3: Make the desired change of Password

Step 4: Click SAVE button

E mail us to or call us on +9597312990

To edit your profile, take the following steps:


Step 1: Click on  My account button  on the top right of any page in your account

Step 2: Click on Settings in the left column that appears

Step 3: Make the desired changes in sections you want (My settings, Company settings, Contacs etc).

Step 4: Click SAVE button to edit your desired changes

To search for the job you like on, go to our website where you may search for a job via the industry or job location. You can also use ‘Search’ box for filling your desired job name.

JobsInYangon has in-house experts whose help you to create your Cv according industry standards along with your career story and your skills. To get a new CV written by please Call  +95973129906 

To post a vacancy on JobsInYangon, take the following steps:

Step 1: Click on the Build Your Job Posting button on information on the top left of the page in your account or click Job Posting button on the left column on the top (then click  Build Your Job Posting buton) bellow.

Step 2: Fill the Build Your Job Posting form that follows and click Save Posting at the bottom of the form. As such the job is saved as a draft, so you can get back to posting it later

Note: That your job goes live on JobsInYangon right after your validation process.You have the chance to check the preview and money spent from your account if any.

Also, if you attempt to post a job without logging into your account = Express Job Posting, then your job goes live on JobsInyangon after our validation process. Pending that time, it has a pending approval status. Normally it goes alive within minutes (hours accordingly). If you write to us or call us we can speed the procees up.

To register, take the following steps:

Step 1: visit  and click on theSet up an Employer Acoount button on the right side of the page OR visit and click on For Employers on the right side

Step 2: fill out the sign up form that follows and click Join Now at the bottom of the form.

You will receive an E mail with a link in it, for you to click on, so as to authorise your email. Your registration is complete once you  your email, and you can log into your account.

Visit and click on the ‘Sign In’ link and click on ´Forgot my password´on the bottom

To search for a job on, use the search functionality to find the job or browse through the job type / job location options.

Click on any jobs you like, and then see the job description. If the offer seems good for you and you would like to know more, fill out the Apply for FREE form (you can even attach your CV) and click the Send a reply to job offer button.

You have to be a Member to be able to apply for jobs.  By sending a reply to a job, you are automatically become our member and agree with your registration in our system. If you attach your CV, we might even fill out the CV for you into the system. However we do not bear any responsibility for any information in it or mistakes typed in. It is recommended to check all data afterwards anyway.

To upload your CV on, click on the ’Post CV’ button on our homepage or do it after registering yourself on page. 

Your CV format must be in Word Doc or Docx (a text file), Rich text format (rtf) or in a Pdf format.

(DOCX, DOC, RTF, ZIP or PDF format)

To view your on-line payment history, you should take the following steps: 

Step 1: click on  My account on the top right of the page

Step 2: click on Online Payment History button in the left column that appears

While filling the Build Your Job Offer form, you can select your desired application collection option. By default your applicants answers are saved in your JobsInYangon employer account. You will receive the applications in an email address, the applications will be sent to the email address you specified (which is also  saved in your JobsInYangon employer account = contact person)

To view the applications to your jobs, saved in your JobsInYangon employer account, take the following step;

Log in to your JobsInYangon employer account, and click on the Jobseekers Answers button on the left column in your account. This takes you to received reactions according to jobs, applicants acoording to the positions and you can save rejected Applicants, too. 

If you have not been receiving job alerts, it could be for one of these two reasons: 

  1. You could unsubscribe yourself . Login to your JobsInYangon profile and Click on My Account button and choose  Job Alerts Settings. You can then set up your alerts
  2. The alerts e-mail can go into your email’s Spam folder. Check your spam/bulk folder. If you find them there, whitelist so that the alerts will go directly into your inbox instead of Spam folder. 

Ideally a password is sent to your email within seconds of signing up. You should check your email inbox and SPAM folder as well. If you haven’t received any password notification, please click on ‘Forgotten Password’ link on the website or e mail us on

To send a mail to an applicant through your JobsInYangon Employer account, take the following steps;

Step 1: Click on Received Reaction on Jobseekers Answers menu. The table contains received replies from the applicants for your current ads. Click to reply to view information about your applicant and you can contact him. 

Step 2: There are many other filters you can choose to manage your replies to applicants, such as answered, not answered replies, seen and not seen already replies, archive and list of applicants according names etc.

Step 3: Fill in the subject and message body, and click Send a a Message to Candidate button.

Note: There is a wide variety of choices to make a special templates for many different answers you like to use to send to applicantss such refusals, thank you notes or others. You can prepare the templates in Settings menu

Obr general services are: CV services Job Posting/ Advertising, Banner Advertising, Career Tips.

A CV appraisal is a specific report on your CV which we will prepare for you. It has these benefits for you

We will highlight your Cv for errors that you made and which might be corrected

We give you tips on how correct it

We will give you a guideline for subsequent updates in your CV

We will enter you as CV Certified User and thus you will be eligible for referrals from companies

We will promote you in our Reco section of Jobseekers

The JobsInYangon self-service platform for employers is a platform which enables recruiters and employers post job offers and manage jobs, track and manage applications effectively, as well as access JobsInYangon´s  CV database, and other features. It is called self-service because you are in charge of handling your recruitments using our recruitment and management tools. 

The basic difference between banner ads and job ads is that banner ads allows you to advertise your product(s) on our website via banners (you can provide link of your website) while the job ads allow you post a job vacancies on our website.

You can see all your jobs with JobsInYangon, by clicking on the Build Your Job Posting button and bellow the form you have List of Created Ads . This is where all your jobs are listed.  

Make sure you’re using the right password. If in doubt, click the Forgot Password link to reset your password. 

Also check if your caps lock is ON, as this might be the reason for the repeating rejections

Due to the following, application errors one can experience problems uploading their CVs:

  • Not filling the forms correctly. 
  • The use of inappropriate CV size or format. 

If you encounter these or any other odd errors, refresh your page and try the whole process again. If these issues persist, send us an email to MEDIA PARTNERS - Your job offers will appear on their web sites

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WHO WE ARE is a leading Career and Job site in Myanmar. Jobsinyangon presents the largest porfolio of jobs on Myanmar market, thus helping recruiters to source top talents and job seekers available in Myanmar. job board helps hiring managers and recruiters from all companies in Myanmar to post jobs, manage applicants and make the right hiring decision. Any jobseeker in Myanmar can find Jobs in Yangon and other cities of all categories of jobs. Online job opportunities can be searched or arranged by our Executive search branch Roger Quest International.


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