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About us

We aim to become the leading business in the textile industry in Myanmar and sell our products in every batik and fabric shop available in Myanmar. We are providing high-quality textile in both material and design to the women population in Myanmar with the best price possible.


Born from true entrepreneurial spirit Pretty Paragon Textile Co., Ltd. came to life with the purpose to help clothe the women of Myanmar with quality fabrics. Our journey started in 2003 when we first introduced our handmade batik Beauty Queen. They were made in Myanmar following the tradition Indonesian batik making methods. As the company grew, so did our strategy. In 2012, we outsourced our production and launched printed batik brands Beauty Queen Premium, Beauty Queen Lady, Beauty Queen Silk, Beauty Queen Star and Beauty Queen Style. These brands offered textiles that are lower in price but higher in quality compared to our competitors. With the help from our talented designers, we can provide designs and styles that are in trend. We later introduced new products such as Batik Tulis, Mode Bali, Keris Mas and Fashion Star to meet the needs of our different consumer segments. We will always try to put our consumers' need first and provide the products that are most suitable for them. We work hard to make our customers get the quality that they are paying for. Our aim is to help women from all level of income to feel beautiful.


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