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Assistant Pre-School Teacher

7.7.2020, Full time , Education / Training
Company: Reward English Language Centre
Job Category
Education / Training
No of Employees
Company description
Reward English Language Center

Job description
• Good communication skill and international skills

Desired Skills and Expertise
• အကငျြ့စာရိတ်တကောငျးမှနျပွီးသငျယူလိုစိတျအထူးပွငျးထနျသူဖွဈရမညျ
• တက်ကသိုလျတဈခုခုမှဘှဲ့တဈခုခုရရှိထားသူ ဖွဈရမညျ။
• ကလေးမြားအပျေါအထူးစိတျရှညျသညျးခံပွီးကလေးခဈြတတျသောသူဖွဈရမညျ။
• ပညာရေးကိုစိတျဝငျစားပွီး၊လလေ့ာသငျယူ လိုစိတျရှိသူဖွဈရမညျ။
• Teaching Experience ရှိသူဦးစားပေးမညျ။
• English (4-skills) ကောငျးမှနျသူဖွဈရမညျ။

Language skills

We offer • Male/Female.
• Salary is negotiable.

Work location Hlaing Yadanar Housing,Hlaing Township,Yangon.
State/District: Yangon (Rangoon)

Job details Job Category: Education, Childcare & Teaching jobs
Company Industry: Education/Training
Employment Type: Other
Full time: YES
Job posted: 7/7/2020

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Assistant Pre-School Teacher

Education, Childcare & Teaching jobs

874 Days, Full time , Education / Training
English Language Teacher

Education, Childcare & Teaching jobs

874 Days, Full time , Education / Training
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