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• ESI is a leading manufacturer and exporter of premium quality candy, jelly and coffee base in Yangon, Myanmar
• We specialize in all kind of premium quality hard candy, jelly and coffee
• Our factory is built on a total area of over 154000 square feet land in Hlaing Thar Yar Industrial Zone
• All of our products meet FDA requirements
• products are widely distributed and marketed in Myanmar Market under our house brands and OEM brands
• Being met the international standard, our candies, jelly and coffee are also proudly exported to Vietnam, Cambodia, China,
India, Bangladesh...etc
• If you are interested in any of our quality products, please contact us with your detailed inquiries
• We look forward to having the opportunity of supplying you with our colourful and delicious candies, jelly and coffee

ESI Foods not only distribute the quality foods in local but also to our neighbor countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, India and more. ESI Foods has several agencies across the nation to speed up the delivery of the products.

Established in 2003 with headquarter in Yangon, Myanmar. Ever Sunny Industrial (ESI) Foods has been an industry leader in quality foods manufacturing and continues to exceed customer’s expectations because of our high standards in customer service, quality materials, design, availability and performance. Our consumer products include but not limited to Hard Candy, Drinkable Jelly, 3 in 1 Coffee Mix, Coffee Beans, Grained Coffee Powder, Creamer, Instant Fruit Juice Drink.

We have also opened several RICH coffee shops in several towns to introduce our freshly grained coffee to our customers.

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