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SPA is a private investment holding company. All the investments of SPA are made through its two flagship public investment holding companies: First Myanmar Investment Co., Ltd. (FMI), which is incorporated and operates in Myanmar, and Yoma Strategic Holdings Ltd. (YSH) which is incorporated in Singapore and operates in Myanmar. SPA, FMI and YSH are strategically affiliated and have investments in eight business sectors in Myanmar as follow: real estate, healthcare, financial services, aviation, luxury tourism, food & beverages and automotive. While having common and shared interest in group’s businesses, SPA, FMI and YSH operate independently of each other and in compliance of corporate governance and transparency standard set for listed companies.We are looking forSPA Myanmar was founded in 1991, when a group of like-minded colleagues joined me to establish our first business venture. We shared a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve and had a bold plan of how to achieve it, and thus, Serge Pun & Associates (Myanmar) Ltd. was born. One year later we founded First Myanmar Investment Co., Ltd. (FMI), one of Myanmar’s earliest public companies, which has since become our flagship brand.
From these small beginnings, our Group has expanded over the years and, at the end of our second decade, we now operate a range of diverse businesses in seven key sectors – Financial Services, Real Estate, Services, Agriculture, Automobiles, Manufacturing & Trading and Retail.

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Yangon Region
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