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To deliver exceptional computer science education in order to leave a lasting legacy for future generations

Shaping Young InnovatorsIn recent times, Technology is far more important than ever for every area. Everything around us is either developed by or supported by Tech. We are living in the Technology era, yet there are very few people who know how to code! The challenge and problem of having not enough Tech experts and developers are growing every year despite Technology is growing faster than ever in every industry. People cannot keep up with the pace of Technology. In the US alone, there are 500,000 vacancies for programmers and the numbers and salaries are growing at least 1.5x or 2x every year. Therefore, we introduced "Viitor", which is a “Coding and Robotics Center for kids” in March, 2017. Viitor is the after-school and weekend Tech learning environment for kids. We teach computer science and programming concepts to kids 7 to 14 years. We like the children to know coding is not scary and boring, instead it can be fun and beneficial to them. In September 2018, Viitor was rebranded as “Little CodeLab” Coding and STEAM Center for kids. We specialize in Coding and Computer Science, but we also offer other STEAM classes such as Science projects, Robotics engineering, Game design, Creative Arts, Electrical Engineering, Physical Computing, building own Websites, developing Mobile Apps, 3Dprinting and Maker workshops which are all 21st century skills.In 2018, we are selected as one of the Top 10 Social Impact businesses in Australia-ASEAN Emerging Leaders program organized by Australian Government, University of Melbourne and AsiaLink. Our founder was invited to participate in discussing about Australian and ASEAN current challenges and possible solutions in high-level conference room with Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull.

In addition, our founder was also selected as World Top 25 Westerwelle Young Founder under 35 years by Westerwelle Foundation, Germany in April 2018. He was invited to participate in workshops, conferences and networking dinner with prestigious people such as Mr. Philipp Justus, VP of Google Central Europe and other young talented founders across the world.

Team and Culture

Our team was carefully selected as young talented and passionate professionals from variety of fields such as Technology, Engineering and Education backgrounds to promote strongly creative, collaborative, and diverse environment. We heavily focus on entrepreneurship spirit and empowerment to team with very minimal supervision. Our corporate structure is based on very open, flat, friendly, fun and strong team-spirit individuals.

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