Jobs by Categories in Myanmar

 Administration Staff(377)
 Accountancy / Finance(327)
 Engineering / Construction / Real Estate(296)
 Marketing / Brand(249)
 Sales - Management(209)
 Human Resources / Recruitment(155)
 Customer Service(145)
 Telecommunication Services(119)
 Logistics / Distribution / Delivery(116)
 Tech Support / Services(112)
 Computer / IT / Developer(107)
 Chef / Baker(83)
 Graphic Design(75)
 Cashier / Cash Collection(73)
 Sales, Marketing and Advertising(72)
 Food and Bevarage Production(66)
 Education / Training(59)
 Hotels and Lodging(54)
 Waiter, Waitress and Bar Staff(54)
 Business Development(53)
 Auditing services(51)
 Transport/Storage/Warehousing Services(48)
 Healthcare Services(46)
 Manufacturing / Production(43)
 Project Management(40)
 Administration and Business Management(38)
 Housemaid / Housekeeper / Cleaner(36)
 Translator / Interpreter(35)
 Promotions / Merchandising(34)
 Electrical Engineering(32)
 Security and Surveillance(32)
 Hotel and Tourism(30)
 Advertising and PR Services(27)
 Executive / Assistant / Representative(24)
 Architecture / Design(23)
 Banking / Insurance(23)
 Marketing Management(22)
 Financial Services(21)
 Entertainment Venues and Theaters(20)
 Quality Control(19)
 Construction / Engineering(18)
 Travel / Tourism / Transportation(17)
 Legal Services(11)
 Web Design / Web Development(11)
 General / Miscellaneous(10)
 Hair and Beauty(8)
 Performing Arts, Media, and Journalism(7)
 Programmer / Developer(7)
  Airline Services(4)
 Doctor / Nurse / Healthcare(4)
 Senior Management(4)
 Electrician / Plumber / Fitter(3)
 Science and Research(3)
 Shipping Service(3)
 Carpenter / Woodworker(2)
 Performing and Fine Arts(2)
 Real Estate/Property Management(2)
 Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing(1)
 Online Sales(1)
 Rental services(1)
 Wholesale Services(1)

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