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14.10.2019, Full time , Construction / Building
Company: Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co,.Ltd.
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Construction / Building
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Company description
To respond to widespread expectations toward the collective abilities of its merging partners to enhance social and living infrastructures, Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co.,Ltd. (SMC) was born on April1, 2003 charged with task of nurturing the highly creative construction technologies of its two component companies for society’s future enrichment. Today, based on the company’s long-cultivated and proven technologies in areas including super skyscrapers, seismic control, pre-stressed concrete and subterranean construction, SMC continues to probe diverse areas as it pursues the development of all-new technologies. Through its construction operations, SMC responds to the diversifying and increasingly sophisticated demands of society as it builds for a richer tomorrow.
Design, engineering and execution of civil, building and pre-stressed conctrete works, and related operations; development project; real estate trading leasing and management services.-Pursuit of Client Satisfaction
We continue to innovate our technologies and cultivate creativity to provide high quality construction words and services in response to the needs and trust of clients and the society.
-Enhancement of Shareholder Value
We make sustainable business development by thoroughly efficient management and maintaining profitability to boost the shareholder value along with the corporate value.
-Respect for Employee’s Vitality
We create an open-minded and rewarding company where the employees can fully exercise their ability and individuality.
-Social Emphasis
We practice fair corporate activities and aim to become a good corporate citizen which the society can trust.
-Contribution to Global Environment
We constantly seek to be an eco and human friendly contractor and also value harmony between living environment and nature.

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