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Company: Myanmar Promotional Services ( Event Management )
Job Category
Advertising / Public Relations
No of Employees
Company description
To Promote business and enhance trades in academic ways ( Exhibitions and Trade Show )
for the country to develop and grow rapidly in many respective fields

We are promoting the business and enhancing the mutual economic exchanges of Local and International Companies in Myanmar as the one of the Solutions provider to their targets-

1-Business to Government
2-Business to business
3-Business to customersWe starts Event management since 2009 .
From this onward , we related with Many Government Ministries , Government Associations , many Enterprises, Many companies from many sectors .
We are dealing with many sectors - Marketing , Advertising , Media and Event Management .
It will make you get more experiences from that and made you learning new abilities .Exhibition and Event Management
Entertainment Management
Product Launching
Opening Ceremony
Special Design Decorations for the Event and Exhibitions .Open-minded
Family Spirit
Action and Behavior encouraged and rewarded for the Employers for their performance.
Business Trips yearly
Vacation Trips yearly

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