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Employee Retention - 4 best things to do to find and keep the best employees

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It has been discussed many times,that the average employee today will change careers or jobs between five to seven times over the course of their working life. If you take  into Consideration the investment that  your company put into searching, finding, hiring, and training each new employee, it it seems to be a really good idea for your organizations to establish a well-structured plan for retaining their human resources! Here are a few tips on how to make more efficient  your financial investments, help create an engaged community, and preserve corporate knowledge via employee retention.

Why employees do change jobs all the time throughout  their working life. Our generation’s parents and grand­parents were much more loyal to their employers. Today, professionals continuously question their satisfaction, their worth, and their interests. For one, there is a far wider range of career options that are available due to technology and other such advancements.

Some become frustrated or feel that their job does not quite match up to their original expectations. Others simply fear the routine of doing the same thing alt he time. Perhaps their financial situation is more what motivates them; the need for ‘more’. In other instances, organizational culture might be the reason!

 Here are a few notions on how you can help employees flourish within your organization.


Choose really carefully. 

Before working on retaining an employee, it is more so important to find the right one for your needs. Various tests and questionaires can offer insight into a candidate’s competencies and abilities whereas interviews and reference checks give us a true look into their potential and experience. Take the time to select the right candidate in the first place, and you will already be one step ahead of the game.



As humus we need to feel that we have a voice, that we play an important role in the bigger picture. Employees are the ones being on a daily basis with customers and at the front line of the business as such and thus do have some very insightful information to be shared. Listen also to your employees’ aspirations and interests.


Be competitive. 

If you are not treating your good employees right, soubody  else is likely to do it for you! Benefits, pay, flextime, telecommuting are all factors that weigh highly upon career decisions and should be thoughtfully considered by employers. Again, listen to what it is that your employees want; their wants and needs should help guide organizational decisions.


Make them feel like at home. 

Organizational culture and engagement are not just hot topics or power words; today’s employee needs to feel a link with their employer in order to fully invest themselves in any given business. Take the time to get to know your employees. Make them feel like part of the whole organization; not just a simple piece of the puzzle. Corporate activities are a great way of fostering meaningful relationships between colleagues outside of the working environment: outdoor activities and , company dinners and other…Have a little fun together!


Be thankful. 

And finály recognize the contributions of your employee to the business. It does not matter if big or small. Make notes of bigger accomplishment in a more formal setting: over the course of a meeting, a luncheon; even emails are a very easy and very cheap way of recognizing different successes.

It’s time to start to think about how your organization has been treating its employees. Will your organisation be the one everyone wants to work for or will it be just a transfer station of someone’s career?

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