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A part-time job is very good way of  introducing real job experience to teenagers,young adults,graduates and others. A part-time job search has to be conducted thoughtfully and assertively. Part-time jobs are excellent ways for youngsters touse their time out of  school, to earn some extra cash and to gain practical experience. However, if you are looking for a part-time job, you have to make sure you get a legitimate job and do not become the victim of  any scam or fraud

      A Few Places to Find Part-time Jobs

•    local department stores and malls;

•    sports clubs;

•    hotels, fast food restaurants and other restaurants;

•    summer camps, schools and special events;

•    small businesses and

•    local newspapers and magazines.



    Tips for a Successful Part-time Job Search

                    You will bellow couple of tips how successfully start in your part time search.

    Job Details

•    Learn what sort of a job you would like to do. Pick a job that matches your lifestyle and capabilities

     and for which you can develop some interest.

•    Decide where exactly you will work. Commuting should not be time consuming or financially draining.

•    What hours you can work? Check whether a work schedule is compatible with any classes you are


•    Figure out how much you expect as compensation.


Analyzing Yourself

•    Consider what you will be offering to your employer. What qualifications and special skills do you have  

     to tailor-fit the job?

•    Take stock of any of your relevant prior experience, including paid jobs and voluntary service.

•    Consider the usefulness of any special training you have undergone or workshop you have taken.

Preparing a Good Resume

•    Get your resume ready, making it look professional

•    Prepare a good cover letter.


Checking the Resources

•    Check for "Help Wanted" signs in local stores, hotels, small offices and malls and department stores.

•    Ask neighbors, family friends or teachers if they know of openings.

•    Read the classified job ads in local newspapers.

•    Check online part-time job sites like


Applying for the Job

Contact information, education details and any previous employment history are essentials to include in the resume. You can apply using any of a few methods.

•    Apply in person, getting the application forms and handing in your materials right at the workplace.

•    Send the application with a resume and cover letter by traditional mail.

•    Apply online


Getting Ready for the Interview

•    Learn about the company.

•    Dress neatly and conservatively.

•    Be punctual.

•    Keep your references handy.

•    Be courteous and honest while answering questions and be polite asking any details, like joining date     and working hours.

You should make an all-out effort to assure the employer that the time and effort he or she is investing in you are worthwhile. Convey that you will be a good investment for this job and maybe for future career options with this employer. You can be an exemplary worker if you understand that the employer wants these things from you:

•    punctuality,

•    hard work,

•    a team spirit,

•    a positive and motivated attitude and courteous behavior.

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